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Turn your lights out for Earth hour this Saturday

This Saturday we are asking all Valleys to Coast colleagues and customers to join the worldwide Earth Hour to raise awareness of environmental issues that are impacting our planet. 


Nature loss and climate change are accelerating and by turning our lights out this Saturday we can play our part and start a global conversation about the action we can all take. 


With colleagues we have already started our own ‘Cut Your Carbon’ campaign at Valleys to Coast, which will look at how we can reduce our environmental impact as a business and we are keen to play our part in Earth Hour and for you to share your lights out pictures and turn your social media feeds dark for an hour from 20:30, and do something a little different. 


So here are some ideas of what you could do to make this Earth hour a little special:


  1. Lights out- Switch off all non-essential lights and light a few candles to create a nice atmosphere at home. Perhaps some scented candles might be nice too.

  2. Dinner in the dark - Use that candle light and whip up healthy and delicious meals that will make your taste buds tingle!

  3. Board games - Who can beat a bit of scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. Use your hour to play a board game together

  4. Hold a jam session - No not the strawberry type but the music type. If you are a musical bunch then why not play some good old fashioned tunes on your guitar or piano and have a sing-along

  5. Indoor scavenger hunt - Treat your young ones to a thrilling scavenger hunt! Turn off the lights, and hide items around the house (Sweets and chocolate are great incentives 😂 ). Challenge your young ones to find all the hidden items within a certain time limit, using only a torch


More information on Earth Hour and how you can get involved can be found on 


On Saturday we hope you will all share your Earth Hour activity pictures using the hashtags #EarthHour and #CutYourCarbon to support the campaign and also copy in our social media accounts too so we can share them. 


Thank you for getting involved and happy Earth Hour.