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The way we are setting your rent is changing

Every year we review the amount of rent you pay, based on inflation and the Welsh Government rent model. This year your new rent charge will apply from Monday 6th April.


During this years’ review we want to take a different approach and consider the average income of households in your area based on statistics published by Welsh Government and the number of bedrooms in your home. This means we will no longer make a blanket increase for all.


For example, areas where household incomes are low may receive a rent freeze compared to areas where household incomes are higher will receive an increase. This method is from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation called ‘the living rent model’.


You may find that your rent is frozen and you will pay the same next year or your rent may increase by up to 2.7% +£2 per week. We’ve included some examples below on what a rent increase could mean for you:


If your current rent is….

Your rent could increase by a MAXIMUM of…

Your MINIMUM new rent could be…

Your MAXIMUM new rent could be…

£80 per week

£4.16 per week

£80 per week

£84.16 per week

£90 per week

£4.43 per week

£90 per week

£94.43 per week

£100 per week

£4.70 per week

£100 per week

£104.70 per week

£110 per week

£4.97 per week

£110 per week

£114.97 per week


Once we have gathered your views on what approach to take, we will then tell you exactly what your rent charge is by the 27th February in preparation for the change in April.

We've drafted these FAQs to help with any questions you may have and will update them when new questions are asked.



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We would love to know what you think on this approach to deliver fairer and more affordable rents. Please go to our survey here.


The prize draw will close on Wednesday the 19th February.


We look forward to hearing your feedback.