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How we will operate during the Welsh Government fire-break

Following the announcement earlier this week by the First Minister that we will be entering a national lockdown, or ‘fire-break’ as he has called it, we are keen to update you on the impact that will have on our services. 


The 17-day lockdown period will start from Friday 23rd October at 18:00 until the start of Monday 9th November. During this time a series of rules will be in place to slow the infection rate of the coronavirus. 


Within these rules the Welsh Government has asked housing associations to only conduct urgent and emergency repairs and home visits during these 17 days. 


This means that: 


  • You can still call us with repairs but new repair requests will be booked in for after the lockdown, from the 9th November onwards;


  • New emergency and urgent repairs will be booked in as soon as we can; and


  • We will review all current booked appointments and determine if they are urgent.


If you have an appointment booked that we now feel is non-urgent and can wait until after the fire-break, we will contact you shortly to arrange an alternate slot. 


Also if you don't feel comfortable with us entering your home during this period and feel that your repair or appointment can wait until after the 9th November, please contact us on 0300 123 2100 between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 and we will work with you to arrange another appointment.


We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding as we look to work within the spirit of the fire-break and follow the First Minister’s message to play our part in helping slow the rate of infection. 


Any action we take now will help us greatly as we get closer to the winter months and the Christmas season and our priority is to ensure that we keep you and your homes happy and safe. 


Finally I just want to thank you all for your cooperation, as we adapt and respond to the latest advice.  The preparation has meant that we can continue with most our services in a safe way and I know that will mean a lot to you and your communities who rely on the important services we deliver.


Joanne Oak - Chief Executive