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Free Community Event for a ‘Man’s Best Friend’

We have partnered up with The Dogs Trust to hold free community events for dogs and their owners in Sarn Life Centre.

There was an event on Friday 29th March and three more events planned for 24 May, 21 June and 23 August between 11am - 3pm.

These events will hopefully help combat issues such as dog fouling while building relationships with the community and promoting good dog ownership & well being.

At the events a veterinary nurse will carry out a basic health check, which includes examining eyes, ears, teeth and weight, to make sure your dog is happy, fit and healthy.

Alongside the health check, The Dogs Trust will provide advice on diet, training and neutering. They also offer free micro chipping (a legal requirement as of April 2016) and advise you how to change your details if you’ve moved address or changed your phone number.

There is no appointment required and will be operating on a drop in basis so be sure to come along with your dog and say hello, but please keep your dog on a lead when attending our community events.

Puppies under 6 months old must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccinations brought along to the event. If your puppy has recently been vaccinated, they must be carried for the 10 days following their final vaccination. Dogs over 6 months old do not require proof of vaccination.

Andy Jones, our Housing Team Leader said “It’s great to have the opportunity to work closer with The Dogs Trust and bring this great service to the local community. We recognise the important role pets play in the wellbeing of our customers lives and hope this opportunity will help us all continue to build relationships working together’