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Valleys to Coast takes big steps in raising cash for new charity of the year

Over £1,000 raised for new staff charity, The Wallich

Valleys to Coast staff have nominated Welsh homelessness charity, The Wallich, as its charity of the year and have kick-started the partnership by raising over £1,000 to help support their projects in the first week. 

The Wallich is a Welsh homelessness charity that operates to get people off the streets; keep people off the streets; and create opportunities for people. Running more than 70 diverse projects, across 19 local authorities, The Wallich works with more than 9,000 people experiencing homelessness each year across Wales and was nominated alongside 2 other charities to be approved as charity of the year.


Valleys to Coast staff were told that the Wallich had been selected at their Colleague Conference in September, where it was also announced that the partnership would stay in place for 18 months until March 2022. 


Speaking about the partnership, Valleys to Coast Chief Executive, Joanne Oak said:
“We are very delighted to be starting this partnership with the Wallich and we hope that this can become more than just fundraising for us. There is a lot for us to learn from them as we look to tackle homelessness here in Bridgend and much we can learn from each other in many other ways too. I am really excited about the next 18 months. 


Following the announcement at the conference, Valleys to Coast staff were immediately issued a challenge to walk 1,000 miles that week to raise money for the charity. In response the #walk4thewallich challenge saw 874 miles logged and a total of £1,064 raised during the first week, which represents a great start to fundraising.  


Talking about this new relationship with Valleys to Coast, Chief Executive of The Wallich, Lindsay Cordery-Bruce, added: “We were absolutely thrilled to get the message that we had been chosen as Valleys to Coast’s charity of the year. The synergy of a homelessness charity and a successful housing association coming together to support each other is not lost on anyone here, and we are really excited to see what we can achieve together.” 


Also announced at the Conference was that Valleys to Coast’s IT Director, Polly Thompson, will be joining the Board of The Wallich and that leadership from both organisations will work together to mutually build knowledge of how they can work together to tackle homelessness across Bridgend. 


You can find out more about The Wallich and their work to end homelessness across Wales by visiting their website at 


If you would like to follow the action from the Walk for the Wallich challenge, visit the hashtag #walk4thewallich on Twitter.