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Central accommodation to support regeneration of Bridgend town centre

The redevelopment of 15 modern flats in Bridgend town centre has now been completed and ready to be made into homes.


Theses contemporary flats are located just seconds away from the train station and a minute walk from the shops. They are also at a unique pivot point between Cardiff and Swansea and ideal for those working in Bridgend or travelling for work benefitting from short commute times.


These were made possible through the Homes In Town Grant which is designed to encourage town centre living, tackle vacant space in the town centre and increase the supply of affordable accommodation in key hubs to assist regeneration in the town centre. 


We are renting these on an intermediate basis meaning rent will be set below the average market rents.


Darrin Davies, our Director of Development says, “We are always looking for opportunities to work with partners, private landlords and any other interested parties to provide desirable homes for our customers. This is just a start to the regeneration project and support the town centre and businesses to generate wealth, provide jobs, attract investment, improve skills and encourage visitors”.


Huw David, Leader at Bridgend Council commented, “These flats are a great addition to the town centre, I’m positive they will be snapped up in no time. I look forward to seeing the next proposal to help regenerate the heart of Bridgend town centre.”