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Applying for a home

Here you will find information on securing yourself a new home.

You can find out about how to get yourself on the common housing register, what to do if you are threatened by homelessness, bid for properties through Homehunt and how to transfer or exchange from your current home. You can also find information if you are interested in buying your own home.




The website that we advertise our properties has now changed to HOMEHUNT, a nationwide property advertising website. 


HOMEHUNT will allow you to see more details about the properties we advertise, their locations, details about local schools, transport links and community facilities. 


You will need to register on HOMEHUNT and will be asked to provide details about your housing needs, your family and what sort of home you are looking for.


When we advertise a property that matches your information you will receive an alert asking if you are interested in this home and if you wish to be considered for it.


The advert for the property will tell you how many people have also shown an interest in this home. We will then identify the people who best match that home and make them an offer.


To register with HOMEHUNT or to view or apply for our currently advertised homes please visit