• Pet Week Success

    Pet Week helps Bridgend’s furry friends become healthy and happy 

    Valleys to Coast (V2C) has the most successful Pet Week working with animal welfare professionals across Bridgend to give advice to residents about their well-loved pets.


    Teamed with the PDSA, Dogs Trust, Cats Protection and Bridgend Council, V2C visited residents in Wildmill, Cefn Glas, Caerau and Pyle giving free pet advice, along with free chipping and the chance to give their views on V2C’s pet policy too. Lots of residents took-up this opportunity and attended along with their furry friends.



    Laura Ballard, PDSA’s Veterinary Events Officer said ‘‘Our Pet Check programme educates pet owners to understand how their pets can become the healthiest and happiest possible. Working alongside other animal charities and community groups in Bridgend, our events had a real community feel and we saw the most dogs we have ever seen in the Bridgend area! We extend our thanks to V2C for co-ordinating this pet health initiative and we look forward to meeting more of you when we return in July.’’




    Malcom Stagg, Dogs Trust Veterinary Nurse commented, “In our four days with V2C’s Pet Week we successfully micro-chipped 22 dogs and, just as importantly, helped nearly 100 owners to check and update their dog’s microchip details. We also had a great opportunity to impart advice to owners on neutering, behaviour and general responsible dog ownership, as well as issuing hundreds of free poo bags. The events were organised in such a way that each attending charity/organisation worked in a complementary way to the other and we’re already looking forward to the planned follow-up events and continuing the good work.'' 




     Amy Jones, V2C’s Customer Engagement Officer said, “By creating these community events we’ve been able to reach more and more pet owners in the Bridgend area since we started this partnership project in 2008. We’re really grateful to the fantastic commitment all organisations have given to the events and we look forward to more success in the follow-up week in July.”




    Follow up Dates:

    Tuesday 11th July: Westward community 11-6


    Wednesday 12th July: Wildmill community centre 11-6


    Thursday 13th July: Pyle Swimming pool 11-6


    Friday 14th July: Caerau community trust 9-4






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  • Wellbeing Assessment

    As part of our wider commitment to the communities we work in V2C is a member of the Bridgend Public Services Board. This board is required to publish a Wellbeing Assessment for the borough and a copy of this report can be found here.

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  • Important changes to household recycling this summer

    From 5 June 2017, households in Bridgend County Borough will see the introduction of a new improved kerbside recycling collection service. This will enable us to meet new recycling targets that have been set by Welsh Government.


    The target for 2015-16 was 58 per cent, but by 2020 it will be 64 per cent, and then 70 per cent by 2025. A target has also been set for zero landfill waste to be generated by 2050.


    Changes to household recycling will include the following:

    New recycling containers A new orange sack will be used for recycling cardboard, and a new white sack for paper. Residents will also receive a new black caddy for recycling glass. These new containers will replace the two black boxes, which will no longer be used.


    The containers used for recycling food waste will stay the same – one small brown caddy (with compostable green bags) for inside the home, and one large brown caddy which is collected from the kerbside. The blue sack for storing plastic and metals will also remain the same. There is no limit on how much recycling each household can put out, and you can receive additional sacks and boxes on request.


    Residents who live in flats will continue to use their communal recycling arrangements.


    New two-bag limit for waste Homes with up to five residents will be restricted to throwing out a maximum of two waste bags per fortnight. Black bags will no longer be used, as all residents will be given a supply of specially coloured and branded bags for disposing their waste.


    Properties with six or seven residents will be able to apply for one additional waste bag each fortnight, while homes containing eight or more people will be able to apply for two extra waste bags per fortnight.


    One additional bag will also be provided for homes where ash-producing coal fires provide the primary source of heat, while eligible householders will continue to receive an assisted collection service.


    To register for the extra dispensations, please call 01656 643643 or email recyclingandwaste@bridgend.gov.uk


    New collection service for nappies and absorbent waste Homes that produce nappies or other absorbent waste products (not sanitary products) will be able to register for a separate collection which will also cater for wipes, paper tissues, adult incontinence pads, stoma bags, absorbent bed sheets, plastic gloves and disposable aprons. To apply for the new Absorbent Hygiene Products collection (which will use purple bags) please call 01656 643643 or email recyclingandwaste@bridgend.gov.uk


    Community Recycling Centre changes From 5 June 2017, any waste taken to the sites in Brynmenyn, Tythegston and Maesteg will need to be separated so that all recyclable materials are placed in the correct bins first – you will no longer be able to just bundle everything into a bag and throw it into a general waste skip.


    The new recycling containers, waste bags, a new collection calendar, and full instructions will be delivered to all homes before June. More than half of homes will also have a change to their collection day from Monday 5 June onwards.


    Further details about the new service, and a full list of Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at www.recycleforbridgend.wales

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